Collection: Hutches & Playpens

Rabbits are classified as an exotic pet, so it is recommended that you provide them with a safe, suitable hutch.

Points to consider when purchasing a hutch;

  • Most cages and hutches found in pet shops are NOT suitable for keeping rabbits in, even though they are advertised as rabbit cages,
  • The absolute minimum size suitable for a small breed rabbit (Mini Rex, Jersey Woolly, Hotot or Netherland Dwarf) is 800mm long x 600mm wide x 600mm high).
  • A rabbits lifespan can be from 8 - 10 years, it is worth making a proper investment for the correct housing for your bun.
  • House bunnies also need a safe place to be secured in when you are not home.
  • A hutch is not enough, rabbits require plenty of time out of the hutch with their humans and also require lots of stimulating toys.

Our hutches are all designed with the best interests of the bunnies in mind, they are strong, durable and will stand the test of time.