Meet our Breeds

At our farm we practice a controlled breeding program which ensures that we have healthy moms producing healthy babies. It also means that we have new babies coming through all the time of our different breeds. Baby bunnies grow incredibly fast in the first 12 weeks of their lives and therefore it is always best to view the bunnies yourself at our farm prior to purchase. Our baby bunnies also sell quite quickly so be sure to like our Facebook page to ensure that you receive our regular updates of new bunnies ready for homes.
Unfortunately we cannot send photographs of every baby bunny available and are not able to reserve bunnies.
Our bunnies are only released to their new homes once we are 100% satisfied that they are ready to leave their mothers.     
For pictures of our different breeds, please follow our Facebook page.
Netherland Dwarf  

Jersey Woolly



Mini Rex




Mini Astrex