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These are the only shavings that we use!

It is most important when using pine shavings for your rabbits that they are untreated, unscented and dust free.

If your rabbit has a solid bottomed cage, please be kind and let your bun have a nice soft floor covering of untreated, unscented, dust free pine shavings. This is very important for general comfort and for healthy feet,

The shavings should be at least 10 cm deep (this is what we call a deep litter system)

Using shavings also makes cage cleaning so much easier especially if your rabbit has a litter box (we recommend using our pelleted shavings in the litter box).


  • We fluff up the shavings daily, letting the poop that isn't in the litter box, fall to the bottom.
  • Remove any wet spots.
  • A deep clean (removal of all shavings) is only generally necessary every 20 - 30 days. 

Packed into 1kg bags


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