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That Bunny Farm

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Everybunny deserves a safe secure home! 

All of our hutches are designed with the best interests of bunnies in mind.

  • Sturdy strong design.
  • Swivel wheels for convenience.
  • Constructed out of 18mm shutterboard.
  • Low to the ground so that your bunny has easy access.
  • 80 cm long x 60 cm wide x 80 cm high.
  • Designed so that your rabbit can stand up on his/her hind legs too stretch.
  • Suitable for small breed rabbits like Netherland Dwarf and Polish. 
  • Also suitable for guinea pigs. 

Solid Wood Floor

  • We recommend using a deep litter system of untreated, unscented, dust free pine shavings on all solid floors.

As with all of our hutches, we recommend that your rabbit still has enough supervised playtime out of the hutch.

Our hutches are manufactured to order, please allow 10 days for delivery. 

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