Collection: Hay Racks & Litter Boxes

Hay is an absolute essential part of every rabbits diet.
  • Rabbits spend a lot of their day grooming themselves and each other.
  • They do not have the ability to cough up fur balls, which is why hay is so essential.
  • The added fibre of the hay, helps to move fur through the gut and decreases the likelihood of wool block.
  • It also helps in keeping their teeth trim.
  • A rabbits teeth can grow as much as 2 mm per week, which is why a proper diet is so important.  
Hay should always be available in a proper dispenser.
  • We do not advise the use of hay as a litter box substrate. (Who would want to eat out of their toilet?)
  • Rather place a hay feeder next to, or above the litter-box.