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That Bunny Farm

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Tired of hay all over the place? 

Our very cool Foraging Towers help to keep things a bit neater!

Product features ;

  • A neat hay tower, attached to a wooden food/foraging box.
  • Pop hay and hay toppers in the tower and sprinkle pellets in the tray. 
  • Hay is the most important part of your bunny's diet and should make up at least 70% of the daily food intake.
  • Making eating hay fun and mixing different varieties with tasty treats is a good way to get your bunny to eat more hay. 
  • The Foraging Tower is manufactured from pine and measures (approximately) 24cm square at the base (foraging box) & 29cm high.
  • Suitable for all breeds.

A neat, tidy feeder that helps to keep the hay in one place 🤣❤️

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