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Willow in any shape or form is much loved by all rabbits!

Willow is not only a tasty treat for bunnies and other small critters, it is also loaded with all sorts of health benefits and should really be a part of every bunny's diet.
  • High in Fibre (rabbits require a high fibre diet)
  • High in Tannins (helps keep gut healthy and is effective against coccidiosis)
  • Natural Anti Inflammatory & Analgesic 
  • Helps with mild pain and GI stasis 
  • Helps keep teeth clean and in good condition
  • Great Boredom Breaker
 Our Willow is sourced on a secluded farm far from any busy roads.
It is important to know where your willow is from, as willow harvested close to busy roads is likely to contain toxins from pollution and rubber off the roads. This actually goes for anything foraged or harvested, you should be at least 100m from a road.
Our Willow is handpicked and packed.
Please note that this is a natural product and will always vary slightly from the images. The leaves will also brown over time, which does not effect the taste or goodness.
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