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That Bunny Hay is a new range of flavoured hay that your bunny will absolutely love ❤️

Tranquility contains a blend of the following calming herbs that have been added to locally grown A grade eragrostis.

  • Chamomile ~ a firm favourite of most bunnies. It helps with digestion and protects against runny tummies.
  • Rose Petals ~ apart from being super tasty, they help to relax, calm and comfort as well as helping with digestive issues.
  • Dandelion ~ super yummy and a favourite treat that is high in fibre and great for regulating gut movement.

Tranquility Hay is great for stressful situations and for bunnies that are prone to GI Stasis. Stressed or scared bunnies often develop a gut problem, which is why we have added calming herbs that all support a healthy gut. 

This Hay smells so good, nobunny will be able to resist it. 

Handpacked with love into 500g bags. 🐰❤️

Please note, if your bunny is ill you should take him/her to a vet that specializes in bunnies immediately. 

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