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That Bunny Farm

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Our Castle Scratch & Play is a perfect solution to keep your bunny busy!

Tired of your bunny scratching on carpets, furniture and curtains?             

They are exceptionally good at shredding things when they are bored!

Your bunny is bored and a bored bunny, very quickly becomes a naughty bunny. 

Our Castle Scratch & Play  will provide hours of fun and allows for natural bunny behaviour such as chinning, digging and chewing. It also provides a safe place for your bunny to hide and explore.

The Castle Scratch & Play can be purchased individually but can also be purchase as an addition to The Modular Bunny Wonderland Activity Centre or any of it's individual components, which can all be purchased individually. 

Manufactured out of pine, with coloured cotton sash cord woven over the top in a variety of different patterns.  This enables your rabbit to scratch away to his/her hearts content. We have also included 2 hanging chew toys that include pine blocks and guava branches.

We use food grade colouring to dye the cord and any coloured wood, which is perfectly safe and non toxic. 

 Please note that due to our products all being handmade, colours and patterns will vary.    

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