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That Bunny Farm

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Rabbits need to play and explore!

The Modular Bunny Wonderland will keep your bunny entertained and busy for hours!
A bored bunny can become a naughty bunny!
  • Encourages natural rabbit behaviour such as chinning, scratching, jumping and exploring.
  • The look and feel of The Modular Activity Centre can continually be changed (as seen in the pictures) which will keep your bunny permanently entertained.
  • Handcrafted from pine plyboard which is perfectly safe for your rabbit to chew.
  • No toxic materials such as glue are used in the manufacture,
  • Designed for bunnies with the best interests of bunnies in mind.
  • Suitable for small to medium breed rabbits (our Rex's love theirs).
  • Individual units can be purchased so that you can build your bunny's wonderland to suit your budget.

Our Modular Bunny Wonderland Activity Centre has been given a firm thump of approval by our fussy Rabbit Quality Controllers!


  • Castle Hoppity Hop: 45 cm long x 30 cm wide x 30 cm high (excl trim).
  • Castle Tower: 30 cm long x 30 cm wide x 60 cm high (excl trim).
  • Castle Single Tower: 30 cm long x 30 cm wide x 30 cm high (excl trim).
  • Castle Play Tunnel: 60 cm long x 30 cm wide x 30 cm high (excl trim).
  • Castle Ramp: 30 cm long x 30 cm wide x 30 cm high (excl trim).

The Modular Bunny Wonderland Activity Centre can be purchased as a complete set of 5 pieces OR as individual units.

Please allow 15 working days for delivery.

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Customer Reviews

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Castle Wonderland

Hi Shirae,

Hope you are well!

Finally getting a chance to drop you a quick mail...

Thanks so much for Binky’s order! When the boxes arrived he was so excited...LOL! He couldn’t wait to try it out and immediately started sleeping there when I put it out for him. It was so cute!

Anyway, just wanted to thank you again. You guys rock!

Take care,

We received this awesome email today and thought we'd share it
Lot's of hops and happy binkies from That Bunny Farm Team


So very happy with this product, my adorable Alfred hasn't stopped playing!
Thank you so much for such a phenomenal idea!