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That Bunny Farm

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Burrow Deep into Bunny Bliss: 

Calling all adventurous bunnies and curious explorers! The Shire has landed at That Bunny Farm, and it comes in the form of our enchanting Hobbit Hideaway & Hobbit Tunnel. Crafted from sturdy 9mm Baltic pine ply, this spacious burrow is the perfect place for your little hobbit to:

Unleash their inner adventurer: Imagine the joy of your bunny digging, tunneling, and hopping through their very own hobbit hole! This 46cm long, 38cm wide, and 28cm high haven provides ample space for even the most enthusiastic explorers.

Snuggle down for cozy comfort: When adventure tires them out, the Hobbit Hideaway transforms into a warm and inviting retreat. The natural wood construction creates a cozy atmosphere perfect for naps, secret stashing, and epic bunny dreams.

Indulge their natural instincts: Burrowing is a deeply ingrained bunny instinct, and the Hobbit Hideaway & Hobbit Tunnel provide a healthy outlet for this behavior. It encourages natural digging and chewing, keeping your furry friend mentally and physically stimulated.

Add a touch of whimsy to your bunny's habitat: Let's face it, traditional hutches can be a bit, well, boring. The Hobbit Hideaway & Hobbit Tunnel bring a touch of magic and charm to your bunny's home, making it both aesthetically pleasing and functionally awesome.

Suitable for small to medium-sized buns, the Hobbit Hideaway is the ideal hideout, playground, and relaxation haven for your precious pet. So, ditch the ordinary and give your bunny the gift of adventure with this unique and captivating tunnel!

P.S. We hear whispers of carrots being especially delicious when enjoyed within the Hobbit Hideaway. Just sayin'...



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