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Our Hay Sack makes hay eating fun! 

  • Encourages natural behaviour like chinning, digging and foraging.
  • Provides hours of fun.
  • Not only do they enjoy digging out tasty treats but they love to toss these hay snacks around.

We have sourced the best and freshest ingredients! 

What's in the Sack? 

Premium quality Eragrostis / Teff

  • High in fibre. 
  • Daily fibre intake is essential for gut function, dental wear and fermentation of the caecum. 


  • This is a legume hay, not a grass hay.
  • High in fibre, protein and calcium.
  • This is a treat hay and should only be fed in small quantities (we have added a healthy pinch to the sack).

Rosehip husks 

  • A tasty, nutritious snack. 
  • Rich in Vitamin C. 
  • Contains bioflavonoids, citric acid, malic acid, zinc and Vitamins A, B3, D & E. 
  • Prevents damage to the capillaries. 
  • Helps maintain a healthy vascular system. 
  • Supports a healthy immune system. 

Sacred Basil 

  • Great for digestion. 
  • Promotes a healthy gut.  
  • Tastes great (it's like catnip for rabbits). 
  • Anti-inflammatory. 
  • Reduces stress. 
  • A natural antidepressant. 

Our sacks are locally manufactured and we handpack each sack ourselves to ensure absolute freshness. 

Spoil your bun today with this healthy treat. 

The Hay Sack weighs 80g


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