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Our Guava/Mulberry Chew Twigs are handpicked, air dried and handpacked

Rabbits teeth are constantly growing (about 2 mm per week). A healthy diet of hay, good quality pellets (please not the muesli kind of food) and herbs do help to keep the teeth trim.

It is however advisable to offer your bun safe twigs and branches to chew on. Twigs not only help wear the teeth down but since they need to chew them slowly, this triggers proper salivation which is beneficial to their stomachs. They also provide fibers that contribute to the general good health of the digestive system.

Guava & Mulberry branches / twigs are also high in tannins which are an excellent preventative for coccidiosis.

A great product that is healthy and fun.

Please note that these are a natural product and handmade so items will always vary slightly.

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Bunny chews

Hi there thank you sooo much for the Guava tree chews. You are going to have to get some more because I’m sold on them . Bun bun is going mad on them and needs them, the answer now to her chewing craze. I always feel so relieved when I have consulted with you on bunny behavior set . You put my mind at rest because you just know bunny behaviour etc. Better than any books,