Useful Herbs For Bunnies

Useful Herbs For Bunnies

This is some great information from our Natal Rabbit Club newsletter – a huge thank you to Heather for sharing!

Parsley all parts of the herb contain medicinal substances. The root, leaves and seeds are sources of apiol, which is beneficial to the kidneys.  The leaves are rich in vitamins A, B & C and in iron. Parsley assists in digestion and is a pick-me-up for off-colour rabbits.  It is also said to help in gynaecological disturbances.

Garlic: Cloves in the drinking water are said to stop the runs brought on by stress.

Savory: For the treatment of colic.  Relieves symptoms of diarrhoea as well as respiratory troubles.  Stimulates appetite.

Strawberry leaves: Gives relief to animals suffering from runny stomachs.

Raspberry leaves: A uterine tonic.  Reputed to strengthen the pelvic muscles in order to aid rabbits in giving birth.  Provides healing properties for uterine infections.  A sprig a day given a week before kindling can save litters from a doe known to have difficult births.  Bramble leaves work the same way.

Marjoram & Oregano : Good for parasitic infections & digestive disorders.

Horse Radish: Enlivens a lazy metabolism.  Assists in relieving congestion in the liver & gall.  Has antiseptic and stimulant properties.

Borage: Combats colds & is also rich in potassium and calcium associated with mineral acids. The stems & leaves contain saline mucilage – useful healing properties.  It is related to COMFREY,another healing herb.

Fennel: Used as a tea for bathing sore eyes.  Fennel seed is an aid to digestion & relieves bloat.  Rabbits love ther greed leaves, stems & bulbs of Fennel.

Peppermint : It is a stimulant to the digestive tract.  Medicinally peppermint is the most potent of all mints, the main constituent in the oil being menthol.  The oil is greatly increased in Peppermint plants grown with Stinging Nettle & the oil is retarded if the Mint is grown with Chamomile.

Lemon Balm: A calming herb.  A tea of chopped leaves added to bread and milk improves lactation in does.  It soothes and strengthens them after giving birth.

Notes gleaned from :- Herbs for all Seasons by Rosemary Hemphill, Piggy Potions – natural remedies for Guinea Pigs by Peter Gurney & Rabbitlopaedia by Meg Brown.

To be continued  …..

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