Tasty Treat chew toy for rabbits and other critters

The importance of chew toys!

Did you know that a rabbits teeth can grow 2mm per week?

I know, it's absolutely astonishing.....😯

This is why a healthy diet and chew toys are so important for your bun!

We have an extensive range of chew toys available. 

Foraging Tree Toy
When a rabbits teeth are properly aligned, a diet of good quality pellets and hay will suffice.......but where is the fun in that? Rabbits absolutely love to play. The more chew toys that they have to nibble on and toss around, the better.
Unfortunately many rabbits suffer from malocclusion, this is when the teeth do not align correctly. Chew toys are absolutely essential for these buns and really help to keep teeth at an acceptable length.
It's not normal for a rabbit to have tusks! 
Chew Toy Care Tips
  • Have a variety of toys that you can keep swapping out.
  • Spray wooden toys with a 25% solution of apple cider vinegar and dry in sun before storing. 
  • Remove toys from plastic packaging.

Chew Toy Benefits 

  • Guava and mulberry wood is high in tannins, which help to improve gut health and deter coccidiosis. (Coccidiosis (infection with coccidia) is a disease of rabbits caused by a class of single-celled organism known as a protozoa. These are parasites of epithelial cells invading the mucosa of the intestine, colon and epithelium of various tissues.)
  • Guava is a relatively hard wood and is extremely beneficial in keeping the incisors (front teeth) an acceptable length. 
  • Mulberry is quite fibrous and a bit easier to chew, so really helps with spurs on the back teeth. 
  • Pine is a fairly soft wood, which makes it perfect for all round chewing pleasure. 

Regardless of whether your bun suffers from malocclusion or not, chew toys and boredom breakers are a necessary addition to their habitat.

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