Say no to Easter Bunny's!

Say no to Easter Bunny's!

Easter is a really rough time of the year for us and countless bunnies. 

In the week/s leading up to Easter, we get inundated with calls enquiring about rabbits.

Here are a few of the questions that we get.....

  • "my child loves bunnies, we would love for her to have her very own Easter bunny this year" 
  • "we would like to rent 4 baby bunny's to hop around the garden during our Easter hunt."
  • "how much to rent 1 rabbit that is trained to sit on eggs?"
  • "We would like to collect a rabbit Saturday afternoon so that we can surprise our children on Easter Sunday".

No jokes, these are all real questions that we have been asked! 

Please help us spread the word and let's save some bunnies this Easter! 
So many rabbits are abandoned a few months after Easter. Bunnies purchased over the Easter period are often bought on impulse, without proper research.
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