Help your Bunny beat the heat

Help your Bunny beat the heat

Summer in general can be a very dangerous season for bunnies. As it gets hotter, there is a good chance that your bun will suffer from heatstroke.

To help keep your furkid happy and healthy this summer, we have decided to give you a list of our best cooling down tricks.

  1. Fill empty 2l cooldrink bottles with water and freeze. Place a frozen bottle in cage/hutch/habitat. It works like a mini aircon,cooling the air and creating a chill out zone for your bun.
  2. Place a couple of ceramic tiles in the fridge. Buns love to lie on them to cool down.
  3. Fill ice trays with your bunny's favourite herbs, top up with water and freeze. Your bun will love their healthy popsicle cooler.
  4. Spritz your bun with a fine mist of cool (not icy) water, especially behind the ears. 

Signs of extreme heatstroke include excessive panting and a very wet muzzle. This must be treated as an emergency, you will need to cool your bun down as fast as possible.

Optimum temperatures for rabbits range between 12 & 26 degrees celsius.  Temperatures above 30 degrees C can cause heatstroke.

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