Dangers of feeding a muesli based diet.

Dangers of feeding a muesli based diet.

We of course always want what is best for our bunnies.

Unfortunately manufacturers often take advantage of this and produce unhealthy options that really appeal to us as they are bright and colourful. We of course think that we are purchasing the best possible food for our buns as it's generally rather expensive.

Why is this type of food bad? 
When you offer your bun a bowl of rabbit muesli, they will tend to pick out all the colourful bits which are high in sugar and starch. The brown bits which are high in fibre are often ignored. (Much like a child not wanting to eat healthy veg). 
Selective feeding can result in tooth decay, obesity, GI Stasis and early death. 
There have been numerous studies done on this type of diet, it's now proven to be unhealthy and dangerous for rabbits. 
What should I be feeding my rabbit? 
Most important and at the top of the list is HAY, HAY and more HAY. Rabbits should be eating at least two thirds of their body size in hay a day!
A handful of leafy greens, herbs and weeds per day as well as a limited amount of good quality rabbit pellets.
Healthy habits and healthy food will result in a healthy bunny! 
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